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San Juan Island County Fair Junior Arts & Craft Committee Meeting Group

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Notes from San Juan Island Junior arts and craft committee meeting May 10, 2022 at SJCFG

Attendees: Anna Compton, Betsey Ferguson, Starla 💫 David Anderson, Nancy Ballman, Trinity, Jessica Chaffee Linnea Anderson, and Carlene Blackhome.

First Topic:

scheduling for entry day Tuesday, August 16, 2022

9AM- 6PM two hour shifts Betsy Nancy and Jesica Trinity open scheduling

second topic:

Scheduling record keepers, arranging displays and judges - Tuesday, August 16, 2022 6 PM to 9 PM.

judging Past judging used the dataish system we have several nominees for judging

Third topic:

past superintendents of the junior arts and crafts division Chanda stone and Bonnie of arts and crafts

Fourth topic:

Special Events and Activities

crafts during fair hours Jessica tie-dye Nancy stickhorse Starla 💫 weaving

Fifth topic:

Fair week volunteer interpreter schedule & safety safety training for all volunteers

Six topic

healthy snacks donation by Soroptimus

Seventh topic:

high noon horse races on Saturday Nancy and Team

Eighth topic

roving art craft activities or sand table Donations and Manning by Melanie and Ashley from the family resource center with their girls group

Ninth topic:

Donations and fundraisers and press releases- Browns home center ace the grocery store in-kind donations private donations of craft supplies all donations can be deposited at fairgrounds headquarters

Tenth topic:

Recruitment of additional volunteers

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