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Community Art Labyrinth

Cultures around the world have used Labyrinths as a mediation tool to celebrate "Life's Journey" and 2020 has brought much for us to consider. Begining November 7, 2020, in collaboration with Island Rec, we humbly invite you to participate in this community art and exploration in gratitude.

We Break Ground November 7, 2020 by clearing the site of weeds and debris.  In the following days we will level the site and stake down our Labyrinth Template. Once the stones arrive on site, an RSVP Calendar will be posted to coordinate group gatherings. Due to Covid and park regulations we are limited to no more than 5 participants at a time. We invite anyone wishing to participate in the placement of stones on the Labyrinth Template to do so with joy, mindfulnes and respect. GTN Girls Circle mantra is: "Seek Beauty, Speak Love, Live Truth." We humbly ask you to consider the nature of gratitude and the interconnectedness of our lives in this community. Bonus Challnge!!!! WE hope to complete this Community Art Project by Thanksgiving Day November 26, 2020 and that The Gratitude Labyrinth will be enjoyed for years to come. 

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