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Meet The Founding Board Members

We asked our board members to share a why they chose to be involved in Girls Thrive Network and what their mission for our community is...

“I grew up outside of Washington D.C. and graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Sociology. I have worked in Human Services on San Juan Island for over 30 years. My work has always focused on empowerment and advocacy for people of all ages. Working with children , youth and families is my delight. I believe in the light that is in the center of all of us and that everyone of us matters. We change the world simply by here. Strong, confident, well- loved children grow into caring adults with a desire to make a positive difference in their world. It is my purpose to bring empathy, hope and a belief in self to the lives I touch.”

Betsy Ferguson GTN President

You can find Betsy at the Family Resource Center on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during FRC Lap-sit and Linger Program Hours. She will most likely be frolicking on the floor laughing, singing songs and giving toddlers and their families a sense of belonging, unconditional acceptance and referrals to needed resources.

“I am excited and grateful to be a part of the Girls Thrive Network board. As a parent, it is important for me to raise my children to be strong, loving, confident, and empathetic with the world around them. To have a community of girls to grow with through adolescence is a gift that should be cherished and shared. To have a non profit that encourages girls to make these bonds, become self confident and aware, is invaluable. “

Andrea Hampton


Andrea moved to San Juan Island in 2007, shortly after graduating from WSU where she studied Business and majored in Finance - with a focus on risk management and real estate. As the daughter of a fisherman, she has always felt a strong connection with the ocean and its salty fresh air.

Andrea worked as a property and casualty agent at Safe Harbor Insurance (previously Swanberg-Judkins) from 2007-2015 with a few extended breaks when she had her daughter, Kate (9), and son, Mac (8). Newly single (2013), she felt a strong pull to engage positively with the local community on a daily basis. This prompted her move into the coffee/hospitality industry. Andrea opened Salty Fox Coffee’s doors in July of 2016.

Beyond her business endeavors, Andrea loves to go on camping, hiking, and boating adventures, with her kids. Every winter she closes up shop and takes her kids on extended National Park trips throughout the west coast and midwest. Her experience has been that her and her kids are more strongly connected when outdoors, exploring and experiencing the natural beauty.

“I grew up in a Military Family, moving every few years, having to start over just when things were beginning to click. It was a challenge to participate and feel connected to a community I knew I would never see again.

It wasn’t till I became a mother, settled and trusting in the understanding that I am and forever will be a steward of the future, responsible for connecting my children to their community and helping define a sense of place for those around me, that I started to notice the kinds of skillsets necessary to have the confidence and self worth needed to engage in a genuine and valuable way.

It is my mission share a message of growth mindset and aid individuals in the overcoming of self-limiting beliefs. I believe when given and opportunity to explore talents and strengths in a safe judgment free environment , every individual has an opportunity to shine. “

Kara Navradszky


Kara Navradszky ones and operates 2 small business here on San Juan Island San Juan Party Pics a and fun and engaging Photo Booth Rental Service and Apotheca Design a unique Floral Design Service specializing in succulent wearables and floral designs that gracefully celebrate the touching moments of life.

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