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July 12, 2019 Initial Board Meeting

July 12, 2019 12PM-1:15PM

Location: Salty Fox Coffee

All Members in Attendance:

Betsey Ferguson President, Andrea Hampton Treasurer, Kara Navradszky Secretary

(PP) President Proposal, (TP) Treasurer Proposal, (SP) Secretary Proposal

Motions / Action / Votes


Advisory Board meets in the form of council or circle and do not require all EO Board members to be present. However to qualify as an official Advisory Board Meeting an agenda and note will be submitted to the secretary and reviewed by the GTN Board.Participant’s Parents, Teachers and School Counselors will be granted Advisory Board Member status upon request without an EO vote. Any topics that pertain to future GTN programs and business overbite will be brought to the GTN Board for review and vote.

Rational:The Circle Format embodies our current program initiative “girls circle” topics that require action will be brought to the Executive board for a vote.

Action: Passed (unanimous)

2. (SP)

Nominees for EO submit a letter of intent before being considered for appointment.

Rational: Demonstrates commitment to GTN (b) allows the board to thoughtfully consider the applicants added value to the organization.

Action: Passed (unanimous)

3. (SP)

Continuation of GC Jacksons Beach September 9-October 28th Mondays 3:15-4:30

Action: Passed (Unanimous)

4. (PP)

Creation Of The EO Programs Director Position to carry out the Mission of GTN. Program Director is a paid position based on future budget funds to be reviewed and determined at a later date. PD will have signing privileges for approved budget items related to program expenses. Kara Navradszky (see) Bio and Letter of Intent nominated to fill PD position.

Action: Passed (Unanimous)

5. (TP)

Review of Current Budget and Expenses

Action: Passed (Unanimous)

6. (SP) Approval to Pursue Community Trust Foundation Grant to support future GTN program development and Scholarship Fund for GTN Participants, and exploration of other community organizations in alignment with GTN goals.

Action: Passed (Unanimous)

7. Approval to Aquire Bank Account on behalf of GTN

Action: Passed (Unanimous)


Motion to Aprove GTN Booth at SJCAF

Action: Passed (Unanimous)


Motion To Approve GTN Co-Host Event with Kiddie Cove

Action: Passed (Unanimous)

10. (TP)

Motion Approval to create a FB Page

Action: Passed (Unanimous)

11. (PP) (TP) (SP)

Future Agenda Items

(SP) Scholarship Determination Criteria

Inquiry to necessary insurance requirements

Library Press Release

12. PP Date of next Board Meeting and Location 8-6-19 1:00PM Salty Fox

Action: Passed (Unanimous)

Submitted by

Kara Navradszky

GTN Secretary

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